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Starting Jan. 22, 2018 Sunday Night at 6PM, We will be discussing Disciple Deeply by Dr. David McDonald.

The original twelve disciples were thickheaded, ego-driven, and blind; so, clearly, you don't have to be perfect in order for Christ to accept you. And yet, it seems like we give ourselves too much leeway to behave poorly, to think sloppily, or to interact disingenuously. Because “nobody's perfect” we don't put a lot of effort into the process of our ongoing perfection.

Yet we should.

When you love Jesus, you want to make Him proud. You want to live in such a way that he is glorified and known and loved and celebrated. You want to speak about Jesus with our neighbors, just as you want to speak like Jesus to them also.

When we know God's will and act accordingly, his activity in our lives produces positive results known as the Fruit of the Spirit. Because Jesus said “you can identify a tree by its fruit,” we can test ourselves, based on our behaviors, to determine whether we're growing in godliness.
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